Welcome to the Nebraska Travel Association (NETA) Web site. This site has been developed to help promote and strengthen the tourism industry in the State of Nebraska through the unification of those individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities whose very livelihoods depend upon the tourism industry. We are a diverse group of individuals joining hands to work as one common force to benefit the entire state.

We invite you to take a look around our site, see what we’re all about, and discover what tourism means to the State of Nebraska.

“Here to promote, protect, and enhance the economic interest of the tourism industry within the State of Nebraska through collective teamwork, education, public awareness, lobbying, and strategic marketing efforts.”

The purpose of NETA is to combine the resources of Nebraska to more efficiently promote the tourism industry by:

  1. Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and programs between members and the Nebraska Tourism Commission while also developing a common direction, avoiding duplication, and effectively using promotional dollars.
  2. Assisting the Nebraska Tourism Commission with promotional and advertising efforts to the mutual benefit of the state and the tourism industry.
  3. Pursuing and influencing policies, programs, and legislation that are responsive to the needs of the industry as a whole.
  4. Establishing and maintaining communication with all tourism entities within the state to encourage the continued growth and development of Nebraska’s tourism industry.
  5. Providing scholarship assistance to members of the tourism industry for travel shows and educational conferences.
  6. Honoring leaders who recognize tourism as having a strong, positive impact upon the economic well-being of Nebraska and whose actions support and strengthen the industry.