Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the (Nebraska Travel Association), herein after referred to as (NETA).

Section 1: To combine the resources of Nebraska’s travel related entities to more efficiently promote Nebraska’s tourism industry.

Section 2: To promote a forum for the exchange of ideas and programs between the members and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development-Division of Travel and Tourism (hereafter called the Division), to develop a common direction with the Division for the best use of available promotional dollars, and to assist the Division in initiating and coordinating cooperative promotional and advertising efforts to the mutual benefit of the state and the members.

Section 3: To establish and maintain communication with travel related entities to encourage the continued development and promotion of Nebraska’s tourism industry.

Section 1: Each travel related entity, herein after called a (member), having an interest in NETA and its objectives is eligible for membership in NETA for ONE (1) fiscal year upon payment of annual dues. No member shall be excluded because of gender, race, creed, or color.

Section 2: Each member in good standing will have ONE (1) vote on the affairs and issues brought before the membership. Each member will indicate on his or her membership form the name of the person responsible for voting on his or her behalf. That person may assign their vote to another member of their entity upon notification by the NETA member. Should the registered voter not complete his or her term, any employee may automatically assume NETA voting privileges after notification is given to the NETA Chair. Multiple representatives from each entity are encouraged to attend NETA functions but only one will be registered as the voter for any entity. Members may register their votes at meetings or the votes must be received in writing by the NETA Chair via fax, e-mail or postage paid US Mail 36 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

Section 3: The NETA fiscal year shall be July 1-June 30. The amount of dues shall be determined from time to time by a recommendation of the NETA Board with approval from the membership. Payment of dues must be received annually prior to September 1 to be a member in good standing in NETA and to receive all rights and benefits of a NETA member. All dues are renewable annually for the entire fiscal year. Members who do not pay dues by September 1 will be removed from the membership roster. Membership may be reinstated at any time upon payment of annual dues.

Section 1: Members shall receive no compensation from NETA for time served on NETA’s behalf. Members may submit documented expenses (including, but not limited to photocopying, phone, and postage) incurred on NETA’s behalf for reimbursement. A quorum of the Executive Board can authorize payment of any budgeted expense. The Executive Board can authorize payment of any unbudgeted expense incurred on NETA’s behalf of up to $100. Expenses over $100 not included in the annual budget must be approved by the membership prior to payment. All expenses paid on NETA’s behalf will become part of the permanent financial record and all payments are subject to review by the NETA membership.

Section 1: NETA shall meet FOUR (4) times per year. Meetings may be rescheduled or cancelled with good cause. The spring meeting will be considered the annual meeting and will be the last general meeting held during the fiscal year.

Section 2: The simple majority of NETA members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting plus the members registering a vote on that issue with the NETA Chair shall constitute a voting quorum. The simple majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for executive committee meetings for the purpose of discussing policies, directives, rules, resolutions and procedures so as to effectively guide the membership.

Section 3: Notice of the time, place and purpose of all meetings shall be sent to each member via e-mail or postage paid mail a minimum of 20 days prior to all general meetings. Special meetings may be called by the NETA chair or by a consensus of the executive board. Special meetings may be scheduled at any time but notice will be given to the members not less than 72 hours prior to the start of the special meeting. All special meetings will be open to the membership. Committee meetings may be scheduled at any time by the committee chair.

Section 4: Minutes of each meeting will be available to the members.

Section 5: Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised in all cases not specifically covered by the NETA by-laws shall govern NETA proceedings.

Section 1: NETA members in good standing for one or more years shall be eligible to hold office in the association. NETA officers shall include a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer.

Section 2: Officers shall be elected to a two-year term at the annual meeting. The Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected during the even numbered years. The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected during the odd numbered years. Each officer may be re-elected ONE (1) time at the end of his or her term for a maximum of TWO (2) terms or FOUR (4) years in that office. A period of ONE (1) year must elapse before eligibility is restored with the exception of the Past Chair acting as the Interim Chair in the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair. Officers missing TWO (2) consecutive meetings during a year without due cause may be requested to resign. If a response to this request is not received THIRTY (30) days prior to the next general meeting, the position shall be declared vacant. The Executive Board will fill any officer vacancy for the unexpired term, the appointed officer will assume responsibilities immediately, and the appointed officer will be announced to the membership at the next general meeting.

Section 3: The Executive Board will consist of all current officers and the past Chair. It is the responsibility of each Executive Board member to be a liaison for at least one committee.

Section 4: The Chair shall:
1) Serve as the presiding officer at general meetings and Executive Board meetings.
2) Call all special meetings.
3) Appoint all committee members, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
4) Sign jointly with the Treasurer on checks and legal documents as authorized by NETA.
5) Perform duties as prescribed by NETA by-laws and directives.

Section 5: The Vice-Chair shall:
1) Perform the duties for the Chair in his or her absence.
2) Under the supervision of the Chair, be trained in all functions of NETA and the responsibilities of the Chair.
3) In the absence of the Chair, be authorized to sign checks and legal documents.
4) Perform duties assigned by the Chair to accomplish the NETA by-laws and directives.

Section 6: The Secretary shall:
1) Provide members with notices of general meetings, special meetings, and events.
2) Record the minutes of all general, executive and special meetings.
3) Maintain historical records of NETA activities.
4) Perform duties assigned by the Chair to accomplish the NETA by-laws and directives.
5) In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, be authorized to sign checks and legal documents.

Section 7: The Treasurer shall:
1) Handle all NETA finances.
2) Maintain the financial records of NETA consistent with generally accepted accounting principals including proper records for receipts and expenditures.
3) Furnish a recommended annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the last general meeting of each fiscal year.
4) Publish a quarterly financial report.
5) Furnish other such reports as may be specified.
6) Maintain a current list of members and voting representatives.
7) Sign jointly with the Chair or, in the absence of the chair, the Vice-Chair or Secretary on all checks and legal documents.
8) Perform duties assigned by the Chair to accomplish the NETA by-laws and directives.

Section 8: The Past Chair shall:
1) Perform the duties for the Chair in the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair.
2) Be a voting member of the Executive Board.
3) Assist the officers by sharing information on past NETA proceedings.
4) Assist the officers and membership in ways that contribute to the sustenance and development of NETA.

Section 9: The executive board shall:
1) Approve the appointment of all committee chairs.
2) Assume responsibility for the integrity of the association and its finances.
3) Assume responsibility for the enforcement of these by-laws.

Section 1: The Chair with a quorum of the Executive Board shall be empowered to establish committees or task forces as may be necessary to carry on the functions of NETA. The Executive Board or the committee/task force Chair may choose members for the respective committee/task force.

Section 2: The committee or task force shall make recommendations to the Executive Board for approval before presenting information to the membership. No action or resolution of any kind shall be taken on NETA’s behalf by committees or by task forces unless approved by a quorum of the Executive Board.

Section 1: A resolution to dissolve NETA may be adopted by the Chair directing that the questions of dissolution be submitted to a vote at a meeting of members, which may be either a general or special meeting. Written notice stating that a purpose of the meeting is to consider the dissolution of NETA shall be given to each member not less than 20 days prior to the date set for the meeting. At such meeting, the resolution for dissolution shall be adopted by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members.

Section 2: Upon the dissolution of NETA, the Executive Board shall pay or make provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the association. The Executive Board shall then convey all of the remaining assets of the association to one or more organizations engaged in activities substantially similar to NETA. No part of said assets or funds shall be reverted to cash or property to be distributed to any NETA member or officer.

Section 1 – AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS: Amendments may be made to the NETA by-laws if the following requirements are met:
1) Proposed amendments to the by-laws and methods of voting must be distributed to the membership in writing 30 days prior to a NETA meeting.
2) The vote passes with a 2/3 vote of the members at the meeting.

Section 2 – The Executive Board may retain legal counsel, parliamentary procedure assistance and technical assistance in the administration of NETA affairs.

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The Executive Board member at large will have voting privileges and the position shall not be eliminated until the end of the current term or sooner if the position is vacated.